Medical Workstation for Olympus


Olympus - medical device trolleys - medical workstation - Medical product design - usability and design for manufacture

A better Medical Workstation for users, and for manufacture.

This was one of the first product concepts by 7TH founder and director Duncan Fitzsimons to be taken into mass production by the client, Olympus, and it's one that we're very proud to see is now sold and used in hospitals all over the world.

Duncan worked with design engineer Max Wehebrink to develop a clean slate concept for Olympus' core medical workstation. This workstation is the platform used by surgeons and nurses to position and use Olympus medical devices during a whole range of medical and clinical procedures.

This design needed to operate within the very highest requirements of quality, safety and cleanliness. It also represented a wonderful opportunity to improve product usability, functionality and more streamlined manufacturing processes, all at once by introducing win-win design features and construction methods into the new product.

Olympus Keymed new product Concept - medical design visuals - computer render.jpg

New materials, construction processes and design approaches were proposed to achieve this, including the new hoop structure that forms the backbone of the workstation and a range of new customisable clip-in attachments and accessories. The Olympus WM-NP2 workstation design resulted in patented features, and is now in successful production, shipped globally, and used in hospitals and clinics in almost every part of the world.


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