A Concept Collaboration with Langstaff Day Architects

SoundSpace is a product developed and designed by 7TH as part of the Flexible Hotel Concept entry for RIBA Bespoke Access Awards 2016in collaboration with Langstaff Day Architects. 

In our early discussions with Langstaff Day it became clear that a certain type of product might enable a Hotel floorplan to become highly modular and adaptable, allowing it to convert quickly and easily between Bijou, Deluxe or Accessible states regardless of location within a hotel.

The SoundSpace wall slides smoothly into an allocated position behind the double bed to form a feature wall within the Deluxe room.  This allows hotel staff to maximise floor space by combining the Bijou room and the Premium room.  

Work undertaken:

  • Concept brainstorms
  • Identify product opportunities.
  • Innovative concept designs.
  • Product visualisations


Read more about the Flexible Hotel Concept here.

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